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Earth Element / Use Your Bubbling Spring to Cool the Body & Mind

Posted: Jul 31st, 2012

We have entered the season of the Earth element.  And the acupuncture point known as Bubbling Spring is a good way to counter the fatigue and irritability that can arise with this heat and humidity.  Read about these topics below!

Earth Element

The Five Elements are the foundation of acupuncture.  Each Element is associated with a season.  Earth is the Element of late summer and begins the second week of August.  The heavy, humid weather and the ripening of fruits and grains  mark the pivot between the brighter colors we see earlier in the season and the dry decay of the fall that we experience as the Metal element.  Read more here


Use Your Bubbling Spring to Cool the Body and Mind

Kidney 1 is a powerful anti-anxiety point that grounds and calms the body and mind. Located on the bottom of the foot, this point is in a soft depression where the tougher flesh of the ball transitions to the lighter, softer flesh just distal to the arch. This point is also known as Bubbling Spring.  Read more  here.

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