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Acupuncture for Addiction

Posted: Jul 3rd, 2012

Whew!  It's hot!  In Chinese medicine, each season is associated with one of the Five Elements.  Fire is the element associated with summer.  Summer begins the first week of May on the Chinese calendar, climaxing with the solstice in June. Increase your resonance with the season by taking more time for play, connection and laughter!

Acupuncture for Addiction

Some of you have asked about my experience working with addictions.  Last weekend, I had the pleasure of training professionals who work with addictions in the NADA protocol, the placement of needles in the ears for clients in recovery.  I first learned the protocol as a student treating drug offenders in the Baltimore city jail. This treatment increases the effectiveness of counseling, with the long-term effect of reducing the likelihood of relapse. To learn more, read  here.


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