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How Covering Windows can Prevent Colds and Flus/ Windows of the Sky Points

Posted: Jan 22nd, 2013

The neck is a good place to focus our efforts in preventing flu and colds. Read about how wearing a scarf can be vitally important! The neck is also the location of points that access and integrate the alignment of body, mind, and spirit. Read about Window of the Sky Points below. 

How Covering Your Windows Can Prevent Colds and Flus!

The ancient Chinese understood cold and flu symptoms as arising from the invasion of the body by external pathogens called "cold" and "wind." They also understood that the body is most vulnerable to cold and wind invasion in the area of the neck. There are many acupuncture points on the neck and among these are a category of points known as Windows of the Sky.


To protect your neck and more specifically, to prevent the penetration of your Window of the Sky points by cold and wind, wear a scarf. As colds and flus often begin with symptoms around the neck and throat, such as post-nasal drip and a cough or achy and stiff neck muscles, it seems like common sense to keep this area warm and protected.


So, while you protect yourself from bacteria and viruses, protect yourself from wind and cold as well and keep your Windows covered. Wear a scarf!



Windows of the Sky Points

Windows of the Sky points are powerful. Yet these points, located on the neck, are much less commonly used than other points. Helpful in treating symptoms related to the neck and throat, Windows serve mental and spiritual functions that patients rarely think to have their practitioner address during treatment.


The holistic aspect of acupuncture makes the connection between the body and the associated mind and spirit seem obvious. Thoughts, emotions and ones sense of purpose are not walking around in the world without a physical body! While this was clear to practitioners of ancient medicine, we are still catching up with this awareness in the context of modern medicine.


The names of these points reflect their connection to both the body and the spirit - Bladder 10, called Celestial Pillar, for example, is located at the base of skull where the head meets the spine which is the pillar of the body. Stomach 9, also called People Welcome, reflects the practical value of creating connection with others which happens when our words are in alignment with our deepest sense of Self.


Alignment of our actions with our words, and our actions and words with our values, is the greater purpose of Window of the Sky points. It is not uncommon in stressful times for us to notice that our actions are out of alignment with our values (as in the case of addictions, or in maintaining our intentions for a healthful lifestyle). Our emotions or mental confusion can also keep us from fluently expressing ourselves in ways that align our words with our intentions.


When qi, our life force, is moving fluidly through our Windows of the Sky, not only will our neck be supple and our throats clear, but our thoughts, words and actions flow with ease and are in alignment with our highest sense of purpose and intention.




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