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Go Within & Harness the Energy of the Earth/Ring the Dragon to Relieve Shingles, Bites, Scars

Posted: Jan 8th, 2013

The Kidney meridian runs from the soles of the feet to the collar bones. Learn how to stimulate this meridian to support your ability to rest deeply and increase physical vitality. Also read about how acupuncture can soften scars that create pain or restrict movement after surgery or injuries.

Go Within and Harness the Energy of the Earth

The Kidney meridian begins at the sole of the foot with a point named Bubbling Spring. (Review website article from July here.) The final point on the channel is located just below the collar bones. Referred to as Kidney 27, or Amidst Elegance, look for a tender point tucked just below each collar bone and between the first and second ribs, just within an inch or so of the sternum. 

Yoga teaches us that forward- bending poses draw our awareness inward and into a state of rest. Considering that the path of the Kidney meridian governs our capacity for stillness and hence wisdom, it is instructive to know that this path runs along the center of the body on the inside of the legs and along the central line of the torso. Kneeling in fetal position, sitting in bound angle, or any pose that enhances our awareness of the path of this channel will increase our capacity to go within and rest the body and mind.

Our physical stamina and vitality also rely on sound Kidney qi running through this meridian. To move and strengthen the flow through the legs, imagine yourself breathing through  Bubbling Spring, and up all the way up to the navel. Likewise, breath down from the navel all the way down the legs and out through Bubbling Spring sending the breath back down into the earth before breathing in through this channel again.

Ring the Dragon to Relieve Shingles, Bites, and Scars

Acupuncture needles can be used very effectively to decrease the size of swollen tissue due to allergic inflammations, insect bites, and shingles. The results are often immediate with the area feeling cooler, softer and looser. Ringing the area with acupuncture needles is a technique called Ringing the Dragon. 

This technique is also used in treating scars resulting from surgery. Scars from breast reconstruction after breast cancer, from orthopedic surgery on limbs, or those from abdominal surgeries can cause discomfort and limit the freedom of the tissue around
the scar. The number of treatments needed can depend upon the age of the scar. If you notice decreased movement or comfort due to scarring, ask your acupuncturist to ring the dragon!


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