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Build your Post-Heaven Qi / Going Within to Cultivate Wisdom

Posted: Dec 7th, 2012

The joys of the holiday season are tempered for many by the stresses it also may bring. The drop in temperature and sunlight, combined with an increase in family obligations can make the holiday season a time of stress for many. Following ancient tips for staying healthy in the winter, discussed in this newsletter, can make the holiday season happier and healthier for  you and your family.

Build Your "Post-Heaven Qi"

Acupuncture theory contains many profound ideas regarding the maintenance and improvement of health. One of these is the concept of pre-Heaven and post-Heaven qi.

Housed in the kidneys, these two types of qi are present when we are born. Pre-Heaven qi is what we inherit from our parents and contains our greatest potentials, as well as the inherited weaknesses that will bear through the duration of our lives. It may be likened to a bank account that you are born with.

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Going Within to Cultivate Wisdom

The shen, or spiritual power, of the Kidneys is wisdom.  While wisdom is a virtue that we all want to experience and express throughout the year, the season of winter exemplifies the stillness and quiet that are necessary for accessing it. 

With the wisdom that we cultivate by going within, we are able to make the most of our resources - our time, our money, and all expressions of our personal power. 

When we are wise, we know what habits, foods, and activities nourish our energy and those are the habits, foods, and activities that we choose. We express a healthy balance of fear and courage - knowing when it is wise to retreat and when it is wise to advance. We do not give up when we meet an obstacle, but persevere with great determination in the fulfillment of our purpose.


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