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Metal: Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll / Large Intestine 20, Welcome Fragrance

Posted: Oct 11th, 2012

As the energy of the season of Metal continues to build, creating dryness and decay as well as awesome beauty, I reflect on the resonances of Metal again in this newsletter.  Learn about the intimate connection between the Lung and Large Intestine, the two meridians most directly associated with this element.

Metal:  Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll

Addictions to intense physical experiences such as sex, drugs, and even exercise and food, are recognized with in Five Element medicine as an imbalance in the Metal Element. Spiritual seekers use practices like meditation to experience an expansive awareness and connection with the greater energy of the universe. Without our spiritual connection fulfilled, it is easy to look to other mind-expanding or intense physical stimuli for a way to extend ourselves beyond the skin boundary.  Acupuncture is one way to help us experience ourselves in harmony with the environment around us. Read more here.

Large Intestine 20, Welcome Fragrance

Welcome Fragrance (the 20th and final point on the Large Intestine meridian) is a good example of the intimate connection between the two Metal meridians, Lung and Large Intestine. Located on the face, immediately lateral to the nostrils, the point is located where the breath first enters and finally exits the body. This is a tender, but very useful point for treating nasal congestion. Those suffering from bad colds and serious allergies symptoms sing the praises of Welcome Fragrance.

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