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Nourishing My Metal Energy - Or What I Did On Vacation
Three Things You Should Know About the Gate of Hope: Liver 14/Three Tips to Optimize the Flow of Qi
Decision-Making and Planning/Three Points to Relieve Sciatic Pain and Tension Headaches
Gates of Buddha - Let Toxins Go / Happy Calm
Wood Element: Clarity of Direction and Purpose/Gate of Hope (Liver 14)
Three Tips for Avoiding Colds & Flu/ Large Intestine Meridian: Removing Toxins
How Covering Windows can Prevent Colds and Flus/ Windows of the Sky Points
Go Within & Harness the Energy of the Earth/Ring the Dragon to Relieve Shingles, Bites, Scars
Build your Post-Heaven Qi / Going Within to Cultivate Wisdom
The Bladder: Fear & Money / The Bladder Meridian & Healing Low Back Pain
Winter: The Season of Water / This Will Make You Sit on the Edge of your Chair
Middle Palace & Cloud Gate Open the Nose & Head / Relieve Sore Wrists with Crooked Pond & Shoulder Joint
Metal: Sex, Drugs, Rock n' Roll / Large Intestine 20, Welcome Fragrance
Large Intestine: Release what no longer has value / Acupuncture Point: Large Intestine 4
Breathe, Get Inspired, Connect with your Spirit: The Metal Element / Acupuncture Point: Lung 9
3 Ways to Get Better Faster with Acupuncture / Will acupuncture interefere with my western medical treatment, medication, etc?
Earth Element / Use Your Bubbling Spring to Cool the Body & Mind
Where does the Gate of Destiny Lead? / Gain Without Pain
Acupuncture for Addiction
Extend the Benefit of your Acupuncture Treatment / Annual Meeting of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri
What Do your Health and Baseball have in Common?