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The Season of Fire

Posted: May 19th, 2015

We have entered the season of Fire (May 7th) on the Five Element calendar. As you know, there are many kinds of fire in nature that serve different purposes. The images posted on our Facebook page reflect yin and yang expressions of the Fire element. The Pericardium (aka Heart Protector and Circulation-Sex) system represents the yin expression of fire and supports the cozy warmth of intimacy. Beginning in the breast, its pathway descends the arms to the palms, coursing through the areas where we make contact in a hug. This is represented by the picture of candlelight between a set of palms.

The image of the roaring bonfire reminds me of the yang aspect of Fire expressed in the function of the Triple Heater (aka Triple Warmer and Triple Energizer) channel. Our Triple Heater travels the yang or exterior surface of the shoulder, arms and hand and mediates our social interactions. The name Triple Heater refers to this systems function in maintaining and harmonizing the warmth of the chest, upper abdomen, and lower abdomen, the body's three heaters, the way a good host will moderate the warmth of a large gathering of people.


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