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Three Ways The Metal Element Can Help You De-stress

Posted: Oct 30th, 2014

 Back in my days in acupuncture school, one of the founders of the school, Bob Duggan, often pointed out that "stress" did not exist as a concept in American culture until the 1950s.  Prior to that time, stress was a term used exclusively within the field of engineering to refer to the impact of weight on construction materials.  He believed that the concept of stress as we use it commonly today is a result of unexpressed grief.  We live in a culture that does not honor our losses. The burden of unacknowledged loss can show up in our lives as what we now call "stress."  What does the loss of time to grieve cost us?  And how does the lack of acknowledgement by our communities for these losses effect us?  


BREATH The lungs are a manifestation of the Metal element.  Taking care of these precious organs is essential to bearing the stresses of our lives.  Grief, in particular, weighs heavily on the lungs and can impair lung health.  The Metal element reminds us that breathing is the most essential thing we can do to bear with and transform mental and emotional challenges.  


INSPIRATION  is important to our physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.  Whether stress shows up as muscular tension, mental overwhelm, or an inability to be appreciative, we know that we have lost connection with our deeper motivations.  Taking time to be inspired truly rejuvenates us when stress is draining our body, mind, or spirit.    


PARING DOWN TO ESSENTIALS or bare necessities is another way to lighten our burden when we feel stressed.  Distinguishing between those commitments in our schedules, finances, and goals that have real value and those that have begun to take more effort than they are worth is another way to utilize the power of Metal.  What commitments are most essential to you?  


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