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Acupuncture Articles

Why I Use Acupuncture
Tips for Strengthening Libido
Why I decided to study acupuncture
Go outdoors! Nature as your Doctor
Ghee Recipe
Ayurvedic Ghee for Health and Longevity
Simple Poached Pear Recipe for Mucus, Cough, and Digestion
Treating Sciatic Pain and Tension Headaches: Three Points on the Foot
Decision-Making and Planning: The Gall Bladder Meridian
Are you listening? Ears and the Water Element
Stillness & Courage in the Water Element
Clearing Clutter: Feng Shui and the Metal Element
Open your Gate of Hope: Breathe!
Taking In and Letting Go: The Metal Element
The Heart: Clarity, Righteousness and Leadership
The Triple Heater Channel
Eyes, Tongue, and The Heart
The Season of Fire
Three Tips For Strengthening Your Wood Energy This Spring
Spring: The Season of Wood
Ailments of Spring: Sciatica, Neck Pain, and Headaches
Spring: Time for The Wood Element
Healing Foot Pain: Warming the Kidney Channel
Bone Broth For Deep Nourishment
Yogic Rest With Your Cell Phone
Heavenly Yogi Tea Recipe
"Late Winter Light" by Kerry Hirth
Clear your Space; Clear your Mind and Body
Three Ways The Metal Element Can Help You De-stress
Clear your Space; Clear your Mind and Body
Three Tips For Staying Healthy This Fall
Autumn: The Season of Metal
Dry-Needling: What is it?
Research on Acupuncture for Fertility
Moms and Kids- Acupuncture Can Treat Simultaneously
Needle-less Acupuncture! Treating children...and adults?
My Next Trip
Who's in Charge of Your Kingdom?
Laughter, Fun and Joy: Nourishing the Heart
Welcoming Kindness Into Your Life
PMS, Infertility and Libido
Anger: How to Respond Using Five-Element Wisdom
Spring Thaw: A painting by Jane Mudd
How to Play with Your Toes (And Why You Should)
Mugwort: American and Chinese
Five Element Theory: Chinese or American?
The Heart Only Says "Yes"
Three Tips for Staying Happy and Healthy this Winter
The Earth Element: Being Supported and Nourished Through All the Seasons
Three Tips to Better Nutrition
Pregnancy and Acupuncture
Pediatric Acupuncture: Infants and Pre-Teens Benefit From Treatment
This Self-Care Tip Helps Remove the Root of Disease
Booking Your Appointments Online
Three Ways to Relieve Wrist Fatigue and Stiffness
The Small Intestine Channel Nourishes Your Body, Mind, and Spirit
What A Healthy Heart Protector Can Do For You
Heart Protector 6 Helps Poor Digestion and Nausea
What Does Your Triple Heater Do?
The Fire Element: Warmth in Your Body, Your Relationships, and Your Heart
Using the Five Elements to Optimize Your Health
Three Tips to Optimize the Flow of Qi
Three Tips for Avoiding Colds and Flu
Build Your "Post-Heaven Qi"
Metal: Sex, Drugs, and Rock n' Roll
3 Ways to Get Better Faster with Acupuncture
Use Your Bubbling Spring to Calm and Ground the Qi
The Earth Element: Pivots and Transformations
Where Does the Gate of Destiny Lead?
What You Should Know About the Chinese Clock
You Are a Meeting Point Between Heaven and Earth
Extend The Benefit of Your Acupuncture Treatment
What Do Baseball and Your Health Have in Common?
Gain without Pain
Smoking Cessation and Acupuncture
Simple Practices for Rejuvenation
Tips for Preventing and Treating Illnesses due to Metal Imbalance: Lung and Large Instestine
Healing with the Five Elements: Tools for Self-Care